The Origin Myth

The world was created in light. While the sun shone down, God created the First Beings of the desert: the Buraqi, made of wind and sand, the Rocs, crafted out of clouds and stone, snakes made out of light and his most powerful creation, the Djinn, made of smokeless fire.

And then came the night. The Destroyer of Worlds came from the dark that existed only in the places the sun couldn’t touch. She dragged with her the endless night, and with it her dark children, the ghouls. Nightmares, who would suck the life out of another creature, Skinwalkers who ate a body whole and took on its shape, and more terrifying things that have since faded from the world: the black bellied snake who swallowed the sun and the sightless hound who guarded the mountain on which the destroyer of worlds took her throne.

And when the Destroyer of Worlds killed the first First Being, he exploded into the very first star in the newly black sky. God had made the First Beings with endless life, so when they learned of death they were afraid. That was the dawn of the first war and, as First Beings fell, the night sky filled. The Djinn feared death so much, they came together and gathered earth and water and used the wind to mold a being and set it alive with a spark of fire. They made the first mortal to do what they feared most, but what needed to be done in any war: die.

So the First Mortal took up steel and with it he beheaded the huge snake who had swallowed God in his sun form. The sun was released from the monster’s throat and the endless night ended.

The First Beings looked upon this mortal thing they had made and saw with awe that he wasn’t afraid of death. He dared to fight because his destiny was to die. And where the Destroyer of Worlds had created fear, the First Mortal had bravery to meet it. The immortals had never had a need for it before. But mortals did.

So the First Beings made another mortal, and another. They fashioned each in a duller image of an immortal thing—men instead of Djinn, horses instead of Buraqi, birds instead of Rocs. They worked until they had an army. And against the might of mortality, the Destroyer of Worlds finally fell. Her rule over the earth broke and the creatures she brought with her were left behind, stalking the desert night. And so too were the mortals left – to face them, and cut them down.